My studies at the DocMus department of the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, started in the year 2014, and I am aiming to obtain a doctor´s degree in perfomance. In this study, I concentrate in early 17th century music and its emotional expressivity (affects or passions). The main interest is in the Italian music of the seconda pratica and the bodily basis of the passions. The study consists of a series of five concerts and a thesis. My concert series includes different experiments on combining the affects of 17th-century music in cooperation with contemporary art forms. The series introduces contemporary dance, electronics, and new compositions with the idea in mind, that seconda pratica in its original essence was a movement in search for new enhanced ways to express emotions.



I have presented the two first concerts:


CONCERT 1: Di anima et di corpo (28.5.2015, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki)


A performance between a concert and a dance piece. The performers are a harpsichordist, a soprano and a dancer. The background of this project is Galen’s theory of humours of the body, and the idea that music can have a direct impact on the balance of the fluids that form emotions. In this performance bodily movement and music are affecting each other: the goal of the choreography is not merely to illustrate the music. In this project we are searching out ways for experimental contemporary dance and early 17th-century Italian music to cooperate on the task of expressing contrasting emotions. In the context of a dance piece, the bodily movements of the musicians are seen and felt in a new way as well.

Choreographer: Anna Mustonen

Soprano: Katja Vaahtera

Dancer: Saara Töyrylä

Harpsichordist: Marianna Henriksson

Light/Set: Anna Pöllänen



CONCERT 2: AD OLIO – a Concert for Harpsichord, Trumpet and Sound (26.5.2016 Old oil storage tank in Kruunuvuorenranta)


I perform Italian solo harpsichord music from the first half of the 17th century, and songs from the same period arranged for trumpet, harpsichord, and sound. I work with a jazz trumpeter and a sound designer, and each of us approaches the early Baroque songs in our own way. We search for a musical encounter among this material, and improvise. The space in which the concert took place was a huge old oil storage tank and we used its qualities to bring the sound all around the audience.

Harpsichord: Marianna Henriksson

Trumpet: Verneri Pohjola

Sound: Tuomas Norvio